The ARC-100 Reactor: An Effective Answer to Nuclear Proliferation Concerns

This paper first discusses the nature of the nuclear weapon proliferation issue presented by today’s nuclear power reactors. The paper then describes how the ARC reactor and its fuel cycle successfully address this issue. ARC believes that the innovative design and associated technologies unique to the ARC reactor will provide major advances in proliferation protection, making the ARC-100 arguably the most "proliferation-proof" reactor and fuel cycle ever introduced.

[Published on the ARC company website – March 2014]

ARC-100: A Modular Nuclear Plant For Emerging Markets: Safety Strategy

This paper describes the ARC-100 reactor concept and its supporting fuel cycle infrastructure. It argues that the ARC-100 system offers a 21st century configuration of nuclear energy especially well-tailored to meet the needs of emerging electricity markets in developing countries. This new configuration envisions a distributed fleet of small, fast reactors of long (20 year) refueling interval, providing local energy services supported by a small number of centralized facilities handling fuel supply and waste management for the entire fleet. The paper describes in detail the safety strategy for the ARC-100.

[Paper published at The Second International Conference on Physics and Technology of Reactors and Applications (PHYTRA 2), Fez, Morocco, September 26-28, 2011]

Fukushima – A Post Mortem and Comparative Analysis

This paper reviews the Japanese nuclear accident of March 2011 at Fukushima and considers how the underlying issues that created the disaster could be addressed through an effective implementation of the advanced technology utilized by the ARC-100 reactor.

[Published on the ARC company website - April 2011]

A Clean, Secure Nuclear Energy Solution for the 21st Century

This paper publicly introduced the ARC-100 reactor, describing generally its design and features. It argues that the long-term viability of nuclear power as a source of clean, sustainable energy for the world requires a fundamentally different implementation of the underlying technology. The current focus on large reactors has serious limitations in many market applications. At the same time, a new, effective fuel-cycle architecture is required to address the legitimate proliferation concerns associated with the wide spread deployment of nuclear technology.

[Paper published at the meeting of American Nuclear Society - June 2010]

ARC-100: A Sustainable, Modular Nuclear Plant for Emerging Markets

This paper presents a detailed description of the ARC-100’s design, with particular focus on the reactor core and its fuel. It also shows how the reactor concept meshes with its supporting fuel cycle infrastructure.

[Paper published at the Proceedings of ICAPP ’10, San Diego, California, June 13-17, 2010]