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The mission of Advanced Reactor Concepts, L.L.C. (ARC) is to commercialize a disruptive new technology for power generation in the form of an advanced small modular nuclear reactor. The reactor will produce 100 MWe of energy, be factory-built and offer the customer fixed fuel costs for 20+ years.

The ARC reactor (known as the ARC-100) can be used for distributed power, incremental capacity additions, load following, and base load applications. Additionally, because of its size, dispatch flexibility and robust safety features, the ARC reactor will be an attractive option for non-traditional uses, such as water desalination, shale oil extraction and hydrogen production.

The non-proliferation features of the ARC-100 make it suitable for deployment anywhere in the world. The reactor's design creates a "walk away" passive safety system that insures the reactor will never melt down even in a disaster that causes a complete loss of power to the plant site.  Moreover, the 20-year fueling cycle gives the customer a high level of energy security, while outsourcing the complexity of fueling operation.

With its efficient use of resources and self-incineration of nuclear waste, the ARC reactor fully supports the sustainable development goals of countries and markets that might not otherwise have any effective options.

The ARC-100 is based on technology proven by over 30 years of successful operation of the EBR-II, an experimental program operated by the U.S. government. The basic EBR-II technology has been enhanced by ARC through numerous, significant proprietary innovations (for which patents have been granted and applied) to create a “Fourth Generation” solution that will have wide applicability in both the US and export markets around the world.

The ARC technical team includes scientists and engineers who were senior participants in the EBR-II program.