Edward Arthur, PhD

Vice President, Fuel Cycle Management & Safeguards

Dr. Arthur, formerly head of nuclear programs at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), is a recognized international expert in reactor system enterprise modeling and deployment. In his position at Los Alamos, he was involved in a wide range of nuclear technologies and applications, including advanced reactor systems design, accelerator applications for the destruction of nuclear waste, and management of nuclear materials to reduce proliferation risk. His work emphasized modeling of relationships between energy use and environmental effects, advanced simulation for new nuclear system development and simulation to optimize fuel cycle management systems.

He has published approximately 100 papers on a wide variety of technical subjects and has received numerous awards, and extensive recognition, throughout his education and career. This includes the U.S. DOE Excellence Award, appointment as technical advisor to the billion-dollar Japanese Proton Accelerator Research Center, recognition as a national Woodrow Wilson Fellow, membership in the Sigma Xi outstanding science achievement society, and Phi Beta Kappa.

Dr. Arthur received his BS (magna cum laude) in Physics and History from Tulane University and his PhD in Nuclear Physics from the University of Virginia.

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