ARC Canada's New Brunswick First Supply Chain Roundtable a Great Success


Saint John, NB – On September 12, 2019, ARC Nuclear Canada, Inc. (ARC Canada) welcomed government officials, subject matter experts, and New Brunswick companies from across the province to the New Brunswick First Supply Chain Roundtable. 

The event provided an opportunity for more than 100 participants - manufacturers, suppliers and contractors - to gather in a forum to understand the ARC Canada vision for business growth in this sector. 

In 2018, the government of New Brunswick made an investment in a nuclear research cluster to advance small modular reactor technology. From both government and private investments, ARC Canada has now developed plans for its supporting manufacturing and supply chain.

 ARC President and CEO Norm Sawyer described ARC’s new technology by noting how much safer and smaller it is than traditional nuclear energy sources. “Smaller in size, smaller in footprint with less waste. They are built in a way that you can put them on the back of a boat, a truck or a ship. You can ship them anywhere in the world.” Sawyer told reporters in Saint John on Thursday.

According to reporters who attended, Energy Minister Mike Holland told the audience that the government is working with ARC to ensure the SMR technology finds a home in New Brunswick.

“We as the utility are going to be very key in working with them to help certify and to work with them on the nuclear technology going forward,” Holland said.

Further reporting on the event can be found here.

About ARC Nuclear Canada Inc.

Formed in 2006, the parent company, Advanced Reactor Concepts, seeks to commercialize its small modular reactor of 100 MWe that offers a unique 20-year refueling cycle and an ability to deal with current waste. The vision of ARC Nuclear Canada Inc. is to supply worldwide energy markets with the ARC-100 technology and assist in addressing climate change through safe, clean, affordable, and proliferation resistant electrical generation, both in the developed and the developing world.

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