Capitol Hill Special Briefing: Opportunities for U.S. Korean Cooperation in Advanced Nuclear

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Donald Wolf, Chairman and CEO of Advanced Reactor Concepts LLC (ARC) represented ARC and made a presentation at the October 23, 2017 Capitol Hill Special Briefing on opportunities for U.S. Korean cooperation in advanced nuclear programs. The program was sponsored by Global America Business Institute (GABI).

Mr. Wolf reviewed the long, successful development history of sodium fast reactors and particularly the EBR-II, the prototype for ARC’s advanced small modular reactor called the ARC-100. He discussed its cost competitiveness, its inherent safety and its potential to solve the problem of nuclear waste. He noted strong Korean interest in using fast reactors employing U.S. technology for the disposition of nuclear waste and proposed various areas where U.S. Korean cooperation in advanced reactor technology would be to the advantage of both countries.

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