Advanced Reactor Concepts to Deliver Key Presentations at American Nuclear Society Annual Meeting


Presentations to describe an innovative Small-Modular Reactor (SMR) and its supporting fuel cycle, and a new metallic fuel design.

RESTON, VA, JUNE 2, 2010 – Advanced Reactor Concepts (ARC), LLC, today announced that two of its team members will deliver key presentations at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Nuclear Society in San Diego this month.  Dr. David Wade, ARC vice-president of Reactor Design and Analysis, will describe the ARC-100 SMR solution along with its associated closed, fuel cycle. Dr. Leon Walters, ARC vice-president for Fuel Design, will present a paper describing a new metallic fuel design and its fabrication process. 

The ANS annual meeting, entitled “Nuclear Science and Technology – The Right Fit, The Right Time,” will focus on the potential value of the small-modular reactor as a clean, secure, sustaining energy solution for the 21st Century. Dr. Wade’s and Dr. Walters’ papers are intended to advance the state of nuclear technology towards its peaceful application in clean energy generation and will present innovative solutions to some of the fundamental problems limiting the industry. 

Dr. Wade’s paper will be presented as a part of the International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAAP) session titled, “Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors I” on Monday, June 14, 2:30 to 4:00 pm. The title of the paper is "ARC-100: A Sustainable, Modular Nuclear Plant for Emerging Markets". Based on innovative technology, the ARC-100 is a highly practical SMR solution for traditional and non-traditional applications in markets around the world. The list of potential applications includes localized electrical production, water desalination, and shale oil extraction. “The inherent value of nuclear energy is being recognized throughout the world,” said Dr. Wade. “However, it’s wide spread deployment will require a fundamentally different approach to how we build nuclear reactors and how we fuel them. We believe that ARC has a unique solution that will address fundamental limitations in the current nuclear implementation.”

Dr. Walters will present his paper — An Innovative Particulate Metallic Fuel for Next Generation Nuclear Energy — as a part of the ICAAP session titled, “Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors II” on Wednesday, June 16, from 10 am to Noon. The paper describes a new metallic fuel design and its fabrication process that offer several advantages over the traditional design and fabrication method for metallic fuels.  However, all the excellent performance attributes of the traditional metallic fuel design are preserved with the new particulate design, and its extensive irradiation and safety database should remain applicable. “While traditional metallic alloy fuels have performed successfully over a long period of time, there is significant room for improvement,” said Dr. Walters. “The solution being proposed by ARC will address key challenges associated with nuclear fuel processing today, and in the process make nuclear energy more widely accessible.”

Jeffrey Wolf2010