US-Japan Roundtable - 11th Annual Washington Conference


WASHINGTON DC– Donald Wolf, Chairman and CEO of Advanced Reactor Concepts LLC (ARC) represented ARC and made a presentation at the 11th Annual Washington Conference of the US-Japan Roundtable, held December 12, 2018 in Washington DC.  The program was entitled “Innovation, Collaboration and Leadership to Meet the Challenges of a New Era in Global Nuclear Energy.”  The US-Japan Roundtable focuses on issues and opportunities in the civil nuclear area that are of common interest to the US and Japan. The program was sponsored by the Howard Baker Forum and the Baker Donelson law firm.   

Mr. Wolf participated in a panel entitled “Commercializing Innovative Advanced Reactors”.   The panel was moderated by Ashley Finan of the Nuclear Innovation Alliance, and the other panel members were Chris Colbert of NuScale Power, Jon Ball of GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Jacob DeWitte of Oklo Inc. and Jinichi Miyaguchi of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

About Advanced Reactor Concepts LLC (ARC)

Formed in 2006, the ARC team mission is commercializing its advanced small modular reactor called the ARC-100.  This advanced SMR offers 100 MWe of energy generation over a proprietary 20-year refueling cycle.  The ARC-100 utilizes liquid sodium for cooling (instead of water) and a metallic alloy of uranium for fuel (instead of uranium oxide).  The ARC-100 technology is mature as it was demonstrated by a prototype, the Experimental Breeder Reactor II (EBR II), which the U.S. Government’s Argonne National Laboratory designed and operated successfully for 30 years, generating electricity into the local grid.  The ARC-100 offers inherent “walk away” safety based on a design whose simplicity and modular construction will allow it to generate clean, carbon-free, base-load energy that can be cost competitive with fossil fuels.  And, equally important, the ARC technology can offer the world a viable solution to the problem of nuclear spent fuel.

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